Monroe Housing Authority

  • ​James Monroe Homes, Monroe, GA
  • George Walton Homes, Monroe, GA
  • Stowers Park, Monroe, GA
  • Carver Place, Monroe, GA
  • Fairplay Road and Newborn Road, Rutledge, GA
  • Radford Park, Monroe, GA
  • Rose Ison Terrace, Monroe, GA
  • King Street, Monroe, GA
  • Wise Court, Statham, GA
  • Magnolia Terrace, Monroe, GA
  • Ammie Briggery Homes, Monroe, GA
  • Phillips Court, Rutledge, GA

​Madison Housing Authority

  • ​Madison Avenue, Madison, GA
  • Morgan Circle, Madison, GA

​Social Circle Housing Authority

  • Forest Avenue, Social Circle, GA
  • Pine Circle, Social Circle, GA
  • Walton Court, Social Circle, GA

Loganville Housing Authority

  • Winston Byrd Lane, Loganville, GA
  • Claude Brewer Road, Loganville, GA

​Housing Sites


We currently have no positions open at this time.  Please check back often for updated position openings.

Job Opportunities

Northeast Georgia Housing Corporation

​The Housing Authorities have partnered with Northeast Georgia Housing Corporation (NEGA), a local 501(c) non-profit organization.  NEGA offers single family homes for rent.  Rentals are on a sliding scale based on income.  The homes are mainly located in Monroe, GA.

Monroe Housing Authority

​Also representing: Madison, Social Circle,

​and Loganville, GA

Section 3 Employment Openings

Openings for Section 3 employment occur year round.  If you are a Housing Authority resident or other Section 3 applicant please contact Anthony Krumpach for current Section 3 employment opportunities.

Maintenance Workers

We currently have no positions open but are accepting applications for a Maintenance employees at this time.  Please stop by our office for an application.